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About Us

Movement Asset Management, LLC (MAM) was created to directly invest, own, and manage Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSRs). Management maintains the skills and tools required to own the MSR asset while minimizing the operational liabilities associated with ownership, control, and regulatory compliance. The MAM Ecosystem is built on a customer first model bespoke to clients' specific risk appetite rather than a specific product. The origination of consumer debt product is driven by the customer first (i.e., mortgages) and their inquiry creates silos of conductive product channels.

On the other side, investor risk tolerance and sector allocation preferences create reverse demand for product that can now be sourced directly from the consumer client. MAM serves as the neural-link and solutions center between the client, borrower, servicer and originator in a vertically integrated platform within the MAM network. Being vertically integrated and aligned with customers and investors, MAM can demonstrate structural alpha advantages and deliver bespoke solutions using various principal, interest, servicing, fee etc. cash streams to achieve desired exposure.

Ecosystem chart. In the center is the MAM Ecosystem, with Investors and Cutsomers around it.